Important Fluids for your Car

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Nowadays, everyone needs a car: we use them to get to work, take the kids to school, jaunt out to the grocery store, or take a nice road trip for vacation! Making sure your car stays in top shape is essential to keep your life running smoothly. A key way to ensure the happiness and healthiness of your ride is to always maintain the proper levels of fluid such as engine oil, coolant, power steering fluid, windshield washer fluid, and brake fluid. If you find that your vehicle is low on any of these key fluids, you can find all the items you need and more at Advance Auto Parts, where you can get great deals and friendly service to help keep your set of wheels on the road.

Engine oil is critical to making sure that every component of your vehicle is spinning and running smoothly, without friction or tension. Friction creates unwanted wear and tear, and without a proper oil level the inside of your car could be grinding its gears down. Coolant, also known as antifreeze, ensures that the engine in your vehicle does not overheat. Power steering fluid keeps your steering wheel maneuvering easily, making driving simpler and safer. Brakes are an extremely critical part of any vehicle, and brake fluid is required for top braking performance. And windshield washer fluid, of course, is necessary to maintain a clean windshield and ensure the best visibility for driving.

A vehicle is a complex machine; many pieces must work together just so to keep your car safe and at top performance. These important fluids, all of which are available at Advance Auto Parts at great prices, are essential to keeping your car on the road safely, and your life running normally. Don’t stress about how you are going to get to work, school, family functions, or after work play–check your fluids regularly and maintain the proper levels, as well as scheduling other regular maintenance such as tire pressure checks and tune ups, and you will extend the top performance of your vehicle and stress less!